Steven Mazé at his exhibition

Steven Mazé at his exhibition "La Joie de Lire", July 2015 - © La Joie de Lire

Steven MAZÉ was born in Rennes (Brittany), France, in 1970.

After 4 years of studies in applied arts, at “L'ESAG” in Paris, Steven Mazé’s work would be seen in diverse exhibitions in the years to come, including several featuring his graphic reports made in food processing plants such as the Furic Cannery in Guilvinec, the PROCANAR Factory in Vannes, and La Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson in St Guénolé.

In parallel, he practices as a working graphic designer, both fulltime and freelance, creating logos, packaging and commercial architecture designs, miscellaneous artworks, and more recently, storyboard ilustrations.

Born and raised in Brittany, he has contributed regularly to the quarterly literary magazine ABER Breton, designing its cover, as well as that of many books published by the ABER publishing house.

Along with visual art, Steven Mazé also practices music, as a singer early on in the industrial metal band called ANKEN, and currently in the thrash-metal band known as Doctor KRANK, in which he offers fans a modern sound sung in traditional Breton language, and a corresponding graphic universe.